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How to Lay a Curved Paving Stone Walkway

If you’re looking to lay a curved paving stone walkway on your property, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to show you the exact steps to take so you can do-it-yourself as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. In this specific tutorial, we’re going to be laying a walkway with a. . . Read More

How to Tie a String to a Stake

Did you know that there’s a right (and wrong) way to tie a string to a stake? If you’re tacking any hardscape project, you’ll save yourself time and frustration by knowing how to do it properly.  This tutorial on how to tie a string to a stake is part of a series called DIY with. . . Read More

What Is Alpine Stone™?

If you’re new to hardscaping, you’re probably unfamiliar with Alpine Stone™, let alone any of our pavers. That’s why each month, we break down what each of our products is and how you can use it in your hardscape.  Other product highlights we’ve published include La Lastra™, Murata™, Rotundo Circular Patio, Chateau Wall™, Granite, and. . . Read More

Geotextile vs. Geogrid: What’s the Difference?

Geotextile and geogrid are both soil reinforcement and drainage materials for hardscape. If you’re a hardscape DIYer, you’ll likely need to use one of these materials at some point but, how do you know which to use? In this article, we explain what geotextile and geogrid are and when and how to use them. What. . . Read More