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What Is Camino Stone?

Camino Stone is available in three sizes. It has a traditional cobble finish and many color choices that give this stone an exciting array of possibilities. It’s the old-world charm, and vivid pattern combinations lend to beautiful project designs, making it our most popular paving stone.

What is camino stone?

Why Camino Stone?

When you hear “Camino,” you might recall the El Camino, a coupé utility vehicle produced by Chevrolet. Or, you might think of Camino de Santiago, a route leading to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great.

Neither the El Camino nor Camino de Santiago influenced our naming of the Camino Stone. However, both the El Camino and anyone traveling the route of Camino de Santiago both have this in common: their name regards a road. 

In Spanish, Camino means road. If you’ve ever seen the Camino Stone, the first thing you’ll notice is that it resembles an old-world cobblestone road.

Up close

To some, Camino might look like any standard paving stone. It also may look very similar to our Alpine Stone or Cobble Stone. However, some features make this stone a unique option.

What makes this stone so unique? It’s all in the cobbled surface finish.

Camino Stone is cobbled, meaning the surface is rippled, rounded, and resembles a more natural-looking stone (instead of a perfectly formed stone from a press).

Camino with a cobbled finish

What makes it cobbled is the surface finish. If we look back to the 15th century, the term cobblestone comes from small, rough cobbles (rocks) that became smooth over time by the natural flow of a river. These smooth “cobbles,” gathered from stream beds, paved the first “cobblestone” streets.

There you have it. While many of our pavers have a very flat surface finish (such as LaLastra, Leiden, or LaPietra), Camino showcases a slightly wavy surface, resembling the old-world cobblestones.

Camino Small Rec 3 Sizes Cambridge

If you have no interest in modern architecture, you’ll probably appreciate Camino Stone. With its cobbled finish, this paver resembles the look of old European city streets.

To promote this unique style, it comes in nine colors: Boston Blend, Britewood Blend, Cambridge Blend, Charcoal, Columbia Blend, Jamestown Blend, Pewter, Umbria Blend, and Willamette Blend. You can choose from any of these colors or, if you prefer, create any color combination.

Compare the other pavers in the family

Camino comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes. While the cobbled finish is popular, some prefer even more character or function. Let us show you what’s unique about Roca Camino and Camino Permeare, our permeable option.

Comparison chart

Roca Camino

In your search, you may run across another one of our pavers called Roca Camino Stone. This paving stone is part of the Camino Stone family; however, it offers a unique surface treatment produced by individually tumbling the stones. It also has a broken edge that gives it an even more dramatic, rugged old-world look.

Roca Camino

The broken edge and ruggedly elegant profile of Roca Camino Stone are available in two colors. This stone showcases an old-world charm that lends itself well to classic designs.

Camino Permeare

Camino Permeare combines the unique look of the Camino Stone family, but with water-permeable joints. Many customers are interested in permeable pavers because they guarantee stability and excellent penetration of rain and stormwater.

Camino Permeare

Camino Permeare is low in water absorption (less than 5%) and high in compressive strength PSI (above 8000). These qualities make it an excellent choice for walkways, patios, driveways, parking lots, and even busy streets.

See Camino Stone for yourself

If you would like to see Camino Stone or any of our other pavers, you can visit our Paving Stone Display at our Manufacturing Facility in Rickreall, OR. Alternatively, call our team of hardscape experts at 503-623-9084.

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