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Choosing a paver can sure feel overwhelming. You have to consider size, style, thickness, color, and more. That’s why we made a short and simple quiz that asks a few questions about what you’re looking for and, at the end, provides a recommendation, or two, you can start with.

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Paving Stones Camino Permeare

Camino Permeare

  • Rectangle
    238 X 158 X 60 mm · 9.37 X 6.22 X 2.36"
  • Square
    158 X 158 X 60 mm · 6.22 X 6.22 X 2.36"
  • mm · "

Camino Permeare

This unsung hero of a stone helps naturally filter water back into the soil

Looking for something that takes away the need for drains? The Camino Permeare guarantees stability while getting rid of the otherwise never-ending puddles. It has a look that resembles European city streets, but always looks at home. It is a modern and sustainable option for your patio.

Percentage of void 6×9: 5.8%
Percentage of void 6×6: 6.7%
Percentage of void Muster K pattern: 6%


Select a color that complements
  • Cambridge
  • Columbia Blend
  • Jamestown
Click image to zoom in

90° Herringbone uses 100% of any rectangular stone

Muster K uses 73% rectangles and 27% squares

Borders are suitable for use as a creative, decorative addition around the perimeter of any paving stone project.  Borders can be the same color as the field stone or a contrasting color.  Borders are also practical additions for containing cut pieces around the edge of a project.  All styles of stone may be used for a border, although some combinations may require more cutting than others.

Shown: Soldier Course using Holland Stone, this border is achievable with any rectangle stone.


Stack Bond uses 100% of any rectangular or square stone.

Two stone running bond works with any stone that has three sizes it can module with. Typically, it uses 60% large rectangles and 40% squares. If you use squares and small rectangles, the ratio shifts to 60% squares and 40% small rectangles.

The layout possibilities are (almost) endless
  • 90° Herringbone
  • Muster K
  • Soldier Course Border
  • Stack Bond Pattern
  • Two Stone Running Bond

Learn more about the dimensions, weight, and more that this product has to offer.

Dimensions (mm): 238 X 158 X 60
Pieces Per Layer: 30
Pieces Per Pallet: 270
Pcs/SqFt: 2.42
SqFt/Pallet: 111.5
SqFt/Layer: 12.4
Lbs/Piece: 10.9
Lbs/Layer: 327
Lbs/Pallet: 2960
Dimensions (mm): 158 X 158 X 60
Pieces Per Layer: 42
Pieces Per Pallet: 378
Pcs/SqFt: 3.65
SqFt/Pallet: 103.6
SqFt/Layer: 11.5
Lbs/Piece: 7.3
Lbs/Layer: 306
Lbs/Pallet: 2770
Delivery & pickup

Know exactly how to get this product from the warehouse to your house.

Do you deliver? If so, how does it work?

Absolutely. Unless you’re installing a fire pit kit or building a stone grill surround, you’ll likely need the assistance of a 48-foot flatbed semi-truck with a carry-on forklift. Before we deliver, we’ll always verify that we can access the drop site. We’ll need enough room to turn a large truck around along with 15 feet vertical clearance above any trees or carports.

How much does a pallet of stones weigh?

A pallet of stones weighs about 3,000 pounds, the same as a Ford Focus. That’s a ton and a half of concrete blocks! Each pallet contains about 100 square feet of stones. If you want to know approximately how many pallets you’ll need for your project, divide your total square footage by 100.

If I have extra stones, can I return them?

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with something you don’t need. That’s why we’ve always let our customers return extra stones in like-new condition for a full refund. It’s industry standard to charge a per-stone restocking fee for any returned items, but since it’s challenging to deliver the precise amount of stones for a project, we don’t charge any extra fees.

Do I have to return the pallets my pavers arrive on?

No, you don’t have to return the pallets. However, just like glass milk jars, we charge a $20–30 deposit for each pallet delivered.

Tips & Tricks

Get tips and tricks for how to plan, install, and use this paver

Pro Tip

Permeable Pavers require a properly installed base for them to work properly

Design Tip

Camino Permeare can be used as a visually similar drainage option with our standard Camino Stones. They will not directly interface with standard Camino Stones.


Special installation required for this product. Download the Installation Guide in the builder specs tab or call us at 503-623-9084 to learn more information.

Builder Docs

If you’re a specifier or architect, you’ll find everything you need here.

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