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How to Use La Lastra ™ Slabs in Your Hardscape

La Lastra ™ is a modern three-piece paving stone family. The flat surface, beveled edge, and elegant proportions of these generously sized slabs are perfect for use in social spaces. The different sizes and modern touch of La Lastra ™ bring a great option to our growing family of paving stones.

How to Use La Lastra ™ Slabs in Your Hardscape

You can get La Lastra ™ slabs in three unique colors: Charcoal, Desert Tan, and Pewter. Charcoal is the darkest shade, while Pewter is a lighter grey that looks similar to traditional concrete you’d see on a sidewalk.

La Lastra Colors

Each of these colors come in three dimensions: Small Square (18″x18″), Large Square (24″x24″), and Large Rectangle (24″x18″). 

3 Simple Ways to Use La Lastra ™ Slabs

The color combinations and size options give you dozens of practical hardscape applications in your front yard, back yard, walkways, and more. Here are a few common ways our customers have used La Lastra ™ slabs in their hardscape.

Outdoor Patio

Whether your patio space is lengthy or square, La Lastra ™ slabs make it feel large and spacious. 

La Lastra Outdoor Patio

The layout above uses the Stack Bond pattern with a creative twist. See how the owner of this property installed their La Lastra ™ slabs diagonally, displaying a diamond shape that creates an interesting visual effect.

Pool Deck

You can also use the Running Bond pattern for a modern look like this pool deck you see below.   

La Lastra Pool Deck

The clean horizontal and vertical lines in this pool deck draw your eyes to the pool, intentionally making it the centerpiece of the property. 

Steps & Walkways

La Lastra ™ slabs also make fantastic steps and walkways. In the left image below, you can see how the owner staggered Large Squares to create a modern-looking walkway up to his front door. On the right, you can see how the owner also used Large Squares as a walkway. However, instead of staggering them, he used them as stepping stones.

La Lastra Steps

As an alternative to staggering Large Squares for your walkway, you could also use the Large Rectangle slabs as wide incline steps, or place two or three next to each other in a staggered layout as a replacement for the Large Squares in the image on the left.

La Lastra ™ Characteristics

La Lastra ™ is versatile

La Lastra ™ is a versatile paving stone for various patterns and applications. As you can see in the image below, the creator of this space cut square slabs into a rounded patio space.  

La Lastra Versatile

Most people arrange La Lastra™ slabs in one of four ways: 2 Stone Step Running Bond, 3 Stone Modular, La Lastra™ Random Layout, and Stack Bond.

  • 2 Stone Step Running Bond: Works with a typical ratio of 60% rectangles and 40% squares.
  • 3 Stone Modular: Typical Ratio is 47% Large Square, 21% Small Square, 32% Large Rectangle.
  • La Lastra™ Random Layout: People use random layouts when laying paving stones of various sizes, where the quantities aren’t in an established ratio for a pattern.
  • Stack Bond: Works with any rectangle or square-shaped stone. Ratio 100% any stone.

La Lastra™ is modern

With its unique flat surface and beveled edge, La Lastra™ slabs create a very modern look no matter where you place them. This paving stone makes any space feel open, clean, and functional.

La Lastra™ is strong

While these slabs are broad and flat, they’re reliable. We tested their strength by dropping a bowling ball from 36″ right on the Large Square slab—and it survived unscathed. See for yourself!

La Lastra™ slabs are compatible with all current pedestal systems and are a viable alternative to extensive hydro slabs. We also tested the 24”x24” slab in a pedestal application and they held 2,000 lbs per square foot. To say La Lastra™ is sturdy is an understatement.

Learn more about La Lastra™

If you have any questions about our La Lastra™ slabs, give our team of hardscape experts a call at 503-623-9084 or see La Lastra™ in-person at our Paving Stone Display in Rickreall, OR.

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