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Accent Wall

Western Interlock pavers are made from natural materials and due to variables in the photographic reproduction process, the actual color of the stones may vary slightly. For a truly accurate representation, we invite you to stop by any of our retail facilities to see them in person.

Architect Information
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Other Information:

Project Time: 8-10 hours

Project materials included:
85 pieces (+2 “1/2 cut” pieces) Tegula Beveled pieces
40 (+8 “1/2 cut” pieces) Tegula Wall
12 pieces Chateau 300mm
31 (+1 “1/2 cut” piece) Rotundo medium pieces
3 Tubes NP1 Adhesive

Tools Needed:
String line, level, gloves, shovel, wheel barrow, tape measure

Gluing Method:
4 quarter size blobs in each corner about 1 inch away from any edges.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1 – Prepare the site
Dig 8” down and dig out a 54” diameter circle and 4’3” side walls. Fill the dug out area with 6” of gravel. Aggressively tamp the gravel using a hand tamp to create a solid base.

Step 2 – Lay base Course
Use a rubber mallet to level stones as you set them in place. The finished circle will be a 50” diameter and each side wall will be 4’ long.

Step 3 – Build courses
The circle will use 21 pieces of Beveled Tegula, and the walls use 5 Tegula each. Continue courses to 4 high on the wall, 3 high on the front of the circle and 5 high on the back of the circle.

Step 4 – Using cut pieces
Lay course 2 & course 4 using 2 – 1/2 cut Tegula pieces on each side walls to create the off set stagger.

Step 5 – Finish Courses
Use 2 – 1/2 cut Tegula Beveled pieces on the 4th course of the circle. Set them even with the front of the side walls. Add 6 pieces Chateau wall for caps on each side wall.

Step 6 – Cap & Glue
Use Rotundo pieces for caps around the circle with the 1/2 cut Rotundo piece set in front against the back wall. Finish set up, go back and glue courses together. (Or glue as you go).

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