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DIYwithWI | Paving Stones & Retaining Walls | Western Interlock

How to Build a Stone Grill Surround

How to Build a Stone Grill surround

Overview Difficulty: Easy Est. time: 1–2 hours Materials Wall blocks (for this project we used 64 Chateau Wall™ 300 blocks) Capstones (La Lastra™ Large Square or Murata™ MC6060 Cappello) SEK Surebond SB-20 or another flexible construction adhesive Tools Work gloves Hand Broom Rubber mallet 24” level Carpenter’s square Tape measure Caulk gun Summer’s here and. . . Read More

How to Build a Fire Pit [Video]

Overview Difficulty: Easy Est. time: 1–4 hours Materials Tegula 40” Fire Pit Kit ¾” minus gravel SureBond SB20 or other Flexible Construction Adhesive Marking paint (white) Tools Work gloves Wheelbarrow Pickaxe Shovel Garden rake Hand broom Tamper Rubber mallet Torpedo level 24-inch level Tape measure Caulk gun In this DIY with WI tutorial, we’ll be. . . Read More

How to Lay a Rotundo Stone Circular Patio [Video]

How to Lay a Circular Patio

Overview Difficulty: Moderate Est. time: 12 hours Materials Cobble Rotundo Stone Marking paint (white) Line level Geo-textile ¾” minus gravel Washed concrete sand 1” square (or round) metal tubing Plastic edge restraint 10” landscape spikes Dry sweeping sand Tools Work gloves Wheelbarrow Tape measure 24-inch level Rubber mallet Plate compactor Pickaxe or mattock Shovel Garden. . . Read More

How to Build Stone Columns

how to build a stone column

Overview Difficulty: 2 Cost: 4 Est. time: 3–4 hours Materials Wall blocks Capstones Landscape fabric ¾” minus gravel Flexible Exterior Grade Construction Adhesive Landscape stakes Marking paint (white) Tools Work gloves Wheelbarrow Pickaxe Shovel Garden rake Broom Tamper Rubber mallet Line level 24-inch level Carpenter’s square Tape measure Caulk gun So you want to build. . . Read More

Federal Highway Administration Tech Brief on Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement

We think that permeable concrete pavers are superior to other kinds of permeable pavements. Don’t just take our word for it though, read the new tech brief from the Federal Highway Administration. Download the brief here.

How to Clean & Maintain a Beautiful Hardscape

how to maintain hardscape

Western Interlock DIY If you’ve installed any kind of hardscape on your property in the last few years, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t look like it did when it came off the pallet. In this article, we’re going to cover the top five most effective ways to clean, maintain, and protect your hardscape so. . . Read More

Pro Tip: Sealer Surface Dryness Test

Sealer dryness test dry enough to seal

There are three big mistakes that people make when applying sealer to pavers. The surface is too hot The surface is not dry The surface is not clean Temperature and cleanliness are pretty easy to understand, but how in the world do you tell if your stones are dry enough? Most sealer manufacturers recommend waiting. . . Read More

The Options are Endless with Chateau Wall™

Chateau Wall seating bench fire pit Camino

When designing a landscape, a wall makes a perfect final addition, enhancing any area by giving it shape, structure, and style. There is no wall block so suited to the widely varying demands of different landscapes than Western Interlock’s Chateau Wall™. Chateau Wall™ makes it easy to build beautiful features such as raised beds or. . . Read More

Granite, this is a Beautiful Paver

Granite Park

Here in the Northwest, the North Cascades have long been recognized for their spectacular beauty. Sometimes called the ‘American Alps’, the high alpine environment has attracted visitors with its sweeping panoramas and alpine meadows, but the main thing that makes this northern part of Washington State so beautiful is its rugged granite outcroppings. Sculpted by. . . Read More

What You Need to Set the Stage for Outdoor Living

LaLastra™ patio with custom outdoor kitchen

In the years immediately following World War II, leisure time became more prevalent, and a patio culture began to emerge. Ever since then, people have been throwing open their doors and getting back outside and enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of their backyards. However, in the past few years, landscape designers and homeowners alike. . . Read More