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Plastic Edge Restraint vs Concrete: Which is Better?

Almost all paver projects require an edge restraint to keep the hardscape structurally sound. Without edge restraint, pavers move, shift, and lose their interlock over time. If you’re starting a paver project, you might be wondering which edge restraint which is better: concrete or plastic? In this article, we will share a recommendation, explaining the. . . Read More

How to Install Hardscape Edge Restraint [Video]

Overview Difficulty: Easy Est. time: 1–2 hours Materials 10” landscape spikes Plastic edge restraint Tools Work gloves Small sledgehammer trowel Snap-edge cutters, side-cutting wire cutters, saw or knife Restraint is an essential part of every hardscape project. You restrain a retaining wall with backfill. You restrain a fire pit with concrete adhesive. You restrain a. . . Read More