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Meet Chateau Diviso™

Chateau Diviso™ is a rough-hewn split face Chateau Wall™ block that can be used as a free-standing garden wall, a low-height retaining wall, as a fire pit, or as a ribbon-striped accent to any Chateau Wall™. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to this paving stone, share what it’s all about, and why it might be the right choice for you.

Chateau Diviso™

The story is simple: since the Chateau Wall™ block’s inception in 2009, we’ve been exploring and testing the idea of a split version of the same product. Ten years after we launched the Chateau Wall™, we unveiled Chateau Diviso™.

We borrowed the name “Diviso” from the Italian language, which means “divided.” Furthermore, it’s worth noting that orchestra conductors use the term “diviso” to instruct a section (usually the strings) to divide itself into two, each taking separate parts notated on the same staff.

The name Chateau Diviso™ fits the product perfectly. It also complements our other European-inspired paving stone families: La Lastra, La Pietra, Camino Stone, Plaza Stone, and Holland Stone.

Chateau Diviso™ columns

As we wrote earlier, Chateau Diviso™ is part of the Chateau Wall™ family. Below, we’re going to highlight a few features that make Diviso great.

Spectacualarly split

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Chateau Diviso™ is a rough-hewn split face block. This feature allows a spectacularly detailed look at the color blends. 

The Olympian blend presents a unique ribbon striping not seen in any of our other stones. It’s inspired by the Olympian peninsula near our distribution facility in Olympia, WA.

Olympian blend
Chateau Diviso™ Olympian Blend

Surrounded by water, the peninsula is characterized by dark, muddy earth and heavy forage. If you look at the peninsula from a distance you see colors blends of tan, charcoal, dark brown, and a hint of red clay. It’s a dark, earthy, and authentic feel.

In contrast, is the Cambridge blend; inspired by the urban stone scapes along the East Coast. Void of any browns, this blend is completely greyscaled which expresses a modern, crisp look and feel.

Cambridge blend
Chateau Diviso™ Cambridge Blend

New look for a familiar fire pit

The Chateau Diviso™ Fire Pit Kit is a splitting image (you see what we did there?) of the 50” Chateau Fire Pit Kit. The differences, of course, are that the Chateau Diviso™ fire pit uses the split face Chateau blocks and offers the Olympian blend with both charcoal and Olympian caps.

Fire pit

The Chateau Diviso™ fire pit uses adds a new texture to our popular fire pit kits. The four available colorways (Cambridge Blend w/Cambridge Cap, Cambridge Blend w/Charcoal Cap, Olympian Blend w/Olympian Cap, and Olympian Blend w/Charcoal Cap) are sure to enhance your outdoor living area year-round.

Made to be modular

The great thing about Chateau Diviso™ is you don’t have to be all-in. You can mix it into an existing retaining wall to create ribbons of color or texture. You just as easily incorporate other blocks into a Chateau Diviso™ wall with the same effect.

Chateau Diviso™ columns 2

Chateau Diviso™ is 100mm thick and comes in three standard block sizes: 200×200mm, 300×200mm, and 400×200mm. Also available is a beveled piece, a cap, and two corner blocks (200x200mm and 300x200mm). 

The beveled piece allows you to create curved features, while the corner blocks make columns and corners a snap. The optional cap will enable you to finish off any project with a flare.

Hardscape with Chateau Diviso™

Want to learn more about how to start and finish your hardscape project with Chateau Diviso™? Watch our step-by-step tutorials online, join one of our upcoming seminars, or give us a call at 503-623-9084.

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