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How to Use Monaco Coping

Monaco Coping, our bullnose pool coping, is more of a generalist than a specialist—and can be used for much more than swimming pools, ponds, or spas. In this article, it’s our goal to present a few unique ways to use Monaco Coping to give a smooth finish to your next hardscape project.

Monaco Coping with Underlighting

Pool coping is what you grab onto when you’re ready to climb out of the pool. There are a few types of coping, such as rough-cut, cantilever-edge, top-mount, and bullnose. Monaco is a bullnose coping, meaning it has a flat, back-sloped surface and a curved front. It’s a gentle, comfortable cut that’s easy on the eyes and folks climbing in and out of your pool.

Monaco Bullnose Step Coping

As a paver, Monaco Coping is sturdy and requires little maintenance. It comes in three finishes (Cambridge Blend, Charcoal, and Jamestown Blend) that are easy to replace as needed. As a concrete paver, it’s water-resistant and salt friendly too.

Monaco Coping Color Blends
Color Blends: Jamestown, Charcoal, Cambridge (left to right)

Why use Monaco pool coping?

Pool coping is for a variety of hardscape projects beyond pools or spas. However used, it’s both decorative and protective. Let’s explore a bit more about each feature.

Monaco is decorative

A bullnose coping like Monaco can dramatically enhance the appearance of any hardscape. It rounds off any harsh corners and conceals any square edges.

Monaco Coping curved patio step

When considering coping, most people use brick. It’s affordable, versatile, and isn’t easily damaged by chlorinated saltwater (if using near a pool or spa). However, brick doesn’t look quite as good as a uniquely blended paver. That’s why Monaco Coping comes in three attractive blends that can either fit in or stand out to your pool deck—whichever you prefer.

Monaco is protective

Monaco Coping supplies a rounded edge when installed on a pool, so you don’t hit your head on a hard corner when climbing out of the pool. It also provides a non-skid surface upon which swimmers can safely walk over any water that gets splashed out of the pool.

Three unique ways to use Monaco Coping

While Monaco Coping works excellent for pool edges, it also works well for steps, accent ribbons, and wall caps. It’s practical for basically anywhere that you want a clean rounded edge. Let’s look at a few unique examples beyond pool coping, where you can use this product.

Step Coping

Using Monaco Coping in paver steps makes each stride safe and sturdy. At 60mm thick, you could drive a truck over Monaco Coping without worry.

Monaco Coping walkway step

It also provides a safe option because the rounded edge helps prevent you from catching your toe on a square corner.  

Patio Coping

Besides using Monaco for pool coping, there isn’t a better application than on a paver patio. Most patios have that same square-edge look. Monaco Coping could be a fun option that will help your patio stand out from the crowd.

Fire Pit Coping

If you want to be creative, you could use Monaco Coping as a capstone. To achieve the best look, we recommend using a mitered corner instead of a butt joint. A mitered corner will require some cutting, but the overall results are worth it.

Monaco Coping Fire Pit

While you can use coping as a capstone on any fire pit, the curved edge of bullnose coping looks stunning on a square or rectangular fire pit. 

Learn how to install Monaco Coping

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