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How to Navigate a Daunting DIY Paver Project [Video]

Have you ever wanted to look out your window at a beautiful paving stone patio, fire pit, or retaining wall? Kim’s family did, so they set out to build it themselves. Daunting? Sure. Doable? You bet.

When Kim and her husband moved into their home in West Linn, OR, Kim described the backyard as a “swampy mess.” So they decided to do something about it. Kim and her husband knew they wanted to create a space that was easy to maintain and fun for the family to enjoy. So they decided to install pavers and, now that the job is complete, Kim couldn’t be happier.

First, their hardscape looks beautiful. The Granite Stone patio paired with a short Chateau Wall™ retaining wall border is a stunning sight. 

Second, they saved over $50,000 by installing it themselves. The quotes they received from local contractors ranged from $75,000–$125,000, and frankly, that was a price they weren’t prepared to pay. 

Third, they’d do it themselves again in a heartbeat. Kim told us in the interview, “There wasn’t ever a moment where I thought, ‘Oh, let’s just get a contractor and have them come in and do it.’ It was never like that. I think my husband and I were both of the mindset that we can do it. You know, it may take us a while, but we can do it.” They sure did.

We were incredibly inspired by how Kim and her family completely re-modeled their backyard using our paving stones, so we want to share the story with you. 

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If Kim and her family could install their hardscape, so can you. Check out our other hardscape tips, tricks, and step-by-step tutorials at, join one of our upcoming DIY with WI seminars, or give us a call at 503-623-9084.

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Video transcript


Hi, I’m Colin, and today I wanted to share with you guys and interview that we did with a homeowner who tackled a large hardscape project by themselves and completely transformed their backyard. It looks beautiful. I hope you enjoy.

Kim W.:

We decided that we wanted a backyard that we could enjoy. When we bought the house, it had a couple of decks and a very sloppy backyard and so we started kind of trying to envision what we wanted. I had a few things that were must-haves for me. The firepit, the covered structure. Then we kind of just started talking, and designing, and going to shows.

The process started a little over two years ago. We literally ripped everything out of the backyard except for our maple tree that we’ve got one other tree. We had a guy come in and kinda just do a rough cut for us. Then we made the drive down to [inaudible 00:01:17] and spent probably a good hour and a half walking around looking at different colors. We had already looked at a brochure, kind of had in mind, but we thought we’d better see it in person before we go from a brochure to what we’re going to be ordering thousands of dollars of.

And went down there and yeah, we were just really impressed with like the tones in this. We thought it went really well with where we live. We just decided that we were going to go with this pattern. It was a little more intricate, but it definitely works for us. Everybody that comes over loves it.

The cost was a huge factor. We had probably four or five people come out and give us bids and they ranged anywhere from $75,000 to $125,000 and we wouldn’t get what we wanted. We estimate that we probably spent about $56,000. And we got everything we wanted.

There wasn’t ever a moment where I was just like, “Oh, let’s just get a contractor and have them come in and do it.” It was never like that. I think my husband and I were both of the mindset of we can do it. You know, it may take us a while, but we can do it.

For me personally, it feels fantastic, because I get to come back here and enjoy on a daily basis. I have a great sense of accomplishment. Obviously, a great deal of pride, knowing that both my husband and I, we did a lot of the work. We spent pretty much all of our free time for an entire summer doing this, whether it be laying stone. And just knowing that when we come back here, it was like, “We did this.”

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