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Don’t Underestimate the Small Rec

Camino Stone Small Rec

What is the Small Rec?

Most people like the Camino Stone, and with good reason. Its cobbled old world charm and vivid pattern combinations lend themselves well to beautiful project designs in almost any setting. What most people don’t realize, however, is that Camino Stones come in three sizes. Everyone loves the Large Rec and Square and forgets about their little brother the Small Rec.

The Camino Small Rec has the same slightly bumpy cobbled surface as the larger stones in the line. It’s smaller, half-scale, size ratio is perfect for bordering or adding visual interest and definition to a design. Smaller sized paving stones have the added benefit of making a small area appear larger. This may be counterintuitive, but a large number of intersecting lines draw the attention away from the smallness of the space. To further this effect, installing the pavers on the diagonal also can help a space feel more expansive.

Four Ways to Use the Small Rec in Your Next Project

Want something in the smaller traditional brick size, but don’t want the same old shape as everyone else? The Camino Stone Small Rec can be laid by itself as a great cobbled alternative to our Holland Stone.
Camino Stone Small Rec


Want to jazz up your Camino Stone project? Small Rec makes some interesting three stone patterns when laid in conjunction with our Camino Stones. They can either be laid in a three stone running bond, or in a three stone “I” pattern. Go to our Patterns page for more details.
Camino Stone Small Rec Willamette

Camino Stone Small Rec


Want a decorative border to accompany your Camino Large Rec and Square project? Small Recs can be laid as a complementary single double or triple border to really enhance things, especially in our Charcoal color.
Camino Rotundo Jamestown

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