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Large Oval Planter

Add beautiful curves to your next outdoor project. Enhance your garden by creating a large oval planter or two. We have many outdoor stone planter options.


Western Interlock pavers are made from natural materials and due to variables in the photographic reproduction process, the actual color of the stones may vary slightly. For a truly accurate representation, we invite you to stop by any of our retail facilities to see them in person.


8' 4" long x 4' 3" wide

Architect Information
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Other Information:

Project Time: 4-6 hours

Project materials included:
58 pieces Tegula Beveled Pieces
30 (+ 4 cut 8.5” ) pieces Tegula Pieces
28 med & 16 rec pieces Rotundo caps
2 tubes Glue

Tools needed include:
String line, level, gloves, shovel, wheel barrow, tape measure, caulking gun & Rubber mallet

Installation Instructions:

Step 1 – Prepare the site
Dig out an area 8’10” long and 4’9” wide and 8” deep. Curve ends to create an oval shape. Fill the dug out area with 6” of gravel. Use a hand tamp aggressively tamp the gravel to create a solid base.

Step 2 – Lay base course
Use a rubber mallet to level stones as you set them in place. Lay 20 Tegula Beveled Pieces (10 per end) and 10 Tegula pieces (5 per side). There will be a 3/4” to 1” gap along the inside radius.

Step 3 – Continue
Finished project should be approximately 8’4” long and 4’3’ wide, curved ends will have an approximate radius of 25” to the outside of the stones.

Step 4 – Second course
Lay 18 Tegula Beveled Pieces (9 per end) and 8 Tegula pieces (4 per side) in middle. Set 4 – 8 1/2” cut Tegula pieces (2 per side) outside of full pieces to fill in the gap.

Step 5 – Continue
This sets a vertical stagger for the stones. Set the third course the same as the first course. Set and glue the courses together. Begin to cap the planter.

Step 6 – Cap the wall
The caps can be laid tight with no overhang, or spread out for a 1/2” overhang. Cap the planter with 28 Medium Rotundo caps (14 per end) 16 Rectangle Rotundo caps (8 per side) & glue.

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