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Camino Patio

Western Interlock pavers are made from natural materials and due to variables in the photographic reproduction process, the actual color of the stones may vary slightly. For a truly accurate representation, we invite you to stop by any of our retail facilities to see them in person.


150 sq. feet

Architect Information
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Other Information:

Project Time: 8-10 hours

Project materials include:
292 pieces Camino Stone Large Rectangles
147 pieces Camino Stone Squares
4 pieces Camino “1/2 Stone” Rectangles
4 pieces Snap Edge restraint & 20 10” spikes
1 bag Sweeping Sand

Tools needed include:
String line, level, gloves, shovel, wheel barrow, tape measure.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1 – Prepare the site
Set stakes and run string line around perimeter. Dig out 6” wider on each side. Dig down 6” for gravel, sand & stones.

Step 2 – Compact base
Add 3”- 5” of 3/4 minus gravel into dug out area. Using a plate compactor run over the area 3 times. Okay to wet gravel for better compaction.

Step 3 – Screed the sand
Use 1” square tubing (or PVC pipe) and straight 8’ long 2”x 4”, pull sand across to make a smooth surface. When moving screed rails fill voids with sand and hand screed to make smooth.

Step 4 – Lay stones
Find a square corner (if possible) and begin to set soldier course (outside border) with the 6” x 9” Camino Large Rectangles. Run the pattern off the soldier course .

Step 5 – Lay the pattern
Lay the Muster K Pattern using the Camino Squares & Camino Large Rectangles. Use squares to module against the border course and 1/2 stone rectangles to finish the corners.

Step 6 – Compact & set edges
Set edge restraint, compact stones, sweep sand into joints, compact stones again and sweep sand again to finish.

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