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How and Where to Use Paving Stones

You don’t need to be a professional to install paving stones at your yard or home. With a gravel base, bedding sand, pavers, and edge restraints you can add a new look to your driveway or courtyard. Some more tools you’ll want to have on hand include a shovel, rubber mallet, stakes/stringline, level, hand tamper, plate compactor, and a Snap-Edge. In this blog, we will look at the different projects you can easily complete using paving stones.



Are you tired of your guests not having a clear path to your front door? Do you want a more decorative alternative to the common concrete path? Interlocking paving stones can help give your home curbside appeal within a weekend.



As the weather gets warmer, spending time outside becomes a priority. Creating a patio you enjoy ensures you’ll be getting your fill of fresh air. A patio made of paving stone creates a space that can be perfect for outdoor dining and relaxing.



If harsh weather and time has left your driveway with cracks and weeds, it might be time to upgrade. Creating a driveway with Interlocking paving stones is easier than it might sound. Once you have the pattern down and the edges marked, this driveway will add character to your home and become a DIY project you can use and be proud of daily.


Use paving stones in a covered area like a gazebo or inside a small structure like a barn, shed, or greenhouse. Paving stones can make a space look great while making it more durable at the same time. Your floor will be sturdy and look great, but you won’t need to wipe your shoes beforehand.

Pots and Planters

Use five square tiles of the same size to easily create planter pots. Start by laying one tile on the ground and then wrap the other four around the outside and adhere with a stone adhesive. If you have more than five tiles, you can create a row of planters for added beauty.

For a more detailed description of how to install Interlock paving stones, check out our tutorial and for more ideas and tips follow us on Pinterest.