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Paving Stones and Retaining Wall Systems Made for the Northwest

Manufacturing and Delivery Systems

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Concrete interlocking paving stones and modular retaining wall units are made from Portland cement, coarse and fine aggregate, and water. Iron oxide pigment is used to add color. The ingredients are combined in a mixer, along with admix (an additive used to boost strength and reduce efflorescence), and a small amount of water. The concrete mixture is dumped into a machine which then dispenses a portion of the mix through a feed drawer into the mold.


web manufacturing machineThe concrete in the mold is compressed and vibrated. The resulting paving stones or retaining wall blocks retain their shape as the mold is stripped from them. The product is set aside to cure for minimum of 24 hours. After the stones are sorted for defects and packaged on pallets, they are ready for shipment.

Delivery System


Western Interlock has a fleet of trucks that are used for distribution in a localized area. The trucks are equipped with forklift for curbside deliveries. Product is palletized and stretch-wrapped to approximately 3,000 lbs per unit, and each truck can carry approximately 17 units. Contract carriers are also used for longer distance deliveries.